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[NH] Application Form

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[NH] Application Form Empty [NH] Application Form

Post by [NH]Shadow on Mon Jul 15, 2013 10:41 am

This is the application form that you are required to fill out before joining.  It is required that you answer items marked with an *.  Post your application as a new topic in this Forum (Apply for [NH]). Don't post it as a reply to this topic, create a new one. Copy and paste the application form into your new topic, then answer the questions.  Title your application topic (player name)'s Application.  We will reply to your applications as soon as possible. All finished applications will be locked. If an application is unlocked, it is still in progress.

Have you read, and agreed to, the Nighthawk Rules of Conduct?*

Have you read our Rules For Applying?*

What game are you applying for? (SWBF2, SWBF3, SWRC)*

What is your player name?*

What country are you in?

Have you ever been in a clan before? If so, what clan(s)? Can you provide a link to their website?*

Do you own a dedicated server? If so, what is it called?



Previous aliases:*

Favourite class of soldier:*

Explain why you want to join the Nighthawks.*

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