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Golden Hall Inductee: CommandoChris

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Golden Hall Inductee: CommandoChris

Post by [NH] on Tue Apr 29, 2014 10:15 pm

Golden Hall



After years of fighting, few clones remain. Kamino has been destroyed and the last hope for the republic is gone. Commander Chris is prepared to lead a last strike on the Sith home world of Korriban. Alas he is stopped by the Jedi council. The Jedi are ready to shut down the clone army, however Chris has other plans. He promotes a soldier to his position, and leaves the republic like many before him. Chris elects to join the last clone fighting force in the galaxy, the Night Hawks. While the Republic prepares to be destroyed, the Night Hawks continue to thrive and gain power. Shadow lets Chris into the army and it does not take him long to make his way up the ranks. As a strong member of the Delta Squad he has lead his men to many a victory on the battle field, and hopefully many more.

[NH]CommandoChris is a strong, loyal member of the Night hawks. His weapon of choice is the shotgun. He has a few bad bumps on his record, being one that followed Speeder, but is all around one of NH’s finest soldiers. His favorite server to play in is [$$$]CenCom but he also enjoys (SWGO)Jedi Battle Arena/NYC. [NH] Is proud to have CommandoChris in its ranks, and we expect even more greatness from him in the future.


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