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Golden Hall Inductee: Speeder

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Golden Hall Inductee: Speeder

Post by [NH] on Tue Apr 29, 2014 10:14 pm

Golden Hall



After years of academy training and fights on the battlefield, Speeder is more than ready to move on. Never quite sure where to go he agrees to help Shadow create this fighting force. He unlike any before or after him, went out on the field and recruited soldiers. He had a large impact on the Night Hawks rapid number growth. Serving as Shadows right hand man they raised Night Hawks up to greatness. However it did not last for Speeder, he found himself taking several soldiers off to form a new team. While remaining friends with Shadow, he wanted his chance to lead. However it did not turn out so well for the young clone, as he and the rest of his men returned to the Night Hawks. Speeder became a very skilled warrior in his time with shadow, but once again fell short of the mark. Speeder a second time chose to leave the Night Hawks. Nobody to this day knows if he lives or not, but his greatness shall never be forgotten.

[NH]Speeder was a long time member of Night Hawks, and we were glad to have him. His weapon of choice is the shotgun. He was very active and very helpful during his time in [NH]. His favorite server to play in was [$$$]CenCom, and he is one of the top ten players of all time in that server to this day. [NH] was very happy to have had Speeder in the clan while we did, and we hope to see him return some day in the future.


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