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Golden Hall Inductee: Evolution

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Golden Hall Inductee: Evolution

Post by [NH] on Tue Apr 29, 2014 10:12 pm

Golden Hall



War in the galaxy affects most but not all soldiers. Few stand above the rest and fight side by side with the Jedi warriors against the ever growing enemy. One of the most elite clones the republic army ever had was Evolution. His skill with every gun is nearly unmatched. He and his men prepare to raid the Sith Temple that day. Evolution, 6 Jedi, and 9 other clones launch their attack on the temple. After nearly two hours of fighting, the Sith have proven they are not so easily beaten. Evolution shoots and kills Darth Dracus saving his only remaining Soldier. Evolution then escapes with his life and the life of one soldier. Broken and beaten Evolution is not willing to return the Jedi, so he chooses to leave the republic. Shortly after he runs into Jedi Master Sparta who shows him the Night Hawks. He joins the team and fights proudly beside them till this day.

[NH]Evolution is the finest soldier in the Night Hawks fighting force. His weapon of choice is the Sniper rifle. He is one of the Night Hawks most active players in game, and quite active on the forums. His favorite servers to play in are {dark}, [$$$]CenCom, and TheLegend Conquest. Evolution prefers to play with team kill on. He has also lead the Night Hawks in the BFC tournament. Evolution is a respected member on NH and is happy to be a member.


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