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Golden Hall Inductee: Z3r0

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Golden Hall Inductee: Z3r0

Post by [NH] on Tue Apr 29, 2014 10:10 pm

Golden Hall



Not long after the Night Hawks assembled, a republic intelligence agent caught wind of the scheme. However instead of reporting or trying to stop them, Z3r0 chose to join them in the galactic struggle. Seeing no more hope left in the Republic, Z3r0 found it best to move on to where his talents could become useful once again. Shadow of course welcomed the Agent into his team, and he prospered there. Being the best agent the Night Hawks had, Z3r0 was promoted to the Head of NIA or NightHawks Intelligence Agency. He has brought down many enemies of the Night Hawks and is a well-respected commander of the team.

[NH]Z3r0 is a long lasting proud member of the Night Hawks. His weapon of choice is the shotgun. Z3r0 Sadly has become inactive, but will never be forgotten for all he has done for the team. He enjoyed playing in (SWGO)Jedi Battle Arena/NYC and [$$$]CenCom. We pray one day he may return to our part of the galaxy. Long live Commander Z3r0


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